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His Hubris

His Hubris is saxophonist Yong Yandsen and Sudarshan Chandra Kumar on electronics. The duo is a result of their prior involvement in various other performative configurations and an effort to develop the techniques employed in their craft. Drawing from standard improv conventions, they utilize a synthesis of extended techniques and live audio signal processing to expand the nature of their practice.

Song list:
1. Dis Legomenon
2. The University
3. The Hysteric
4. A Wisp of Snipe
5. Ordeal by Water
6. Impure Abjad
7. Dis Legomenon
8. The Master
9. The Analyst

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Yong Yandsen – tenor saxophone
Sudarshan Chandra Kumar – electronics

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14 x 12.5cm
1 CD

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