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Felix Hess — Frog Night

A collection of the best recordings selected by the Dutch sound artist Felix Hess from his “Frogs” series featuring frog calls from around the world, released on cassette tapes, vinyl, and CD-Rs from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. A limited-edition pressed CD of this long-discontinued series, with new artwork by Sakura Kondo.

It is a series that inspired the artist, who was a physicist studying the trajectory of boomerangs, to create sound works later in life.

“Frog Night” includes calls of three species native to Japan (tree frog, Tonosama frog, and Schlegel’s green tree frog) recorded in a rice field in Kyotango City.

released May 19, 2021

荷蘭聲音藝術家 Felix Hess 的合集,藝術家從他的「Frogs」系列揀選最理想的錄音,這系列收錄了世界各地的蛙鳴,錄於1980年代到2000年代初,曾以卡式帶、黑膠唱片、CD等形式發行。本專輯是為限量版CD,並得 Sakura Kondo 為久違的蛙鳴系列配上全新作品。


《Frog Night》收錄了三種日本原生的的蛙鳴聲(樹蛙、黑斑側褶蛙、施氏綠樹蛙),錄於京丹後市的一畂稻田。


13.5 x 13.5 cm
1 Track

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