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Fragrant Villages 香村

Fragrant Village is a co-created album made by independent Hong Kong musicians, and inhabitants of people from three districts of the Northeastern New Territories – Ping Che, Kwu Tung, and Ma Shi Po. The album originated from the first Emptyscape Art Festival happening in Ping Che in 2013, during which the alumni re-visited the long-abandoned Ping Yeung Public School and perform the school songs decades after they last sang it. The act of re-singing the school song reinvigorated everyone’s spirit and recalled memories of growing up in the villages. The power of music was felt.

It is then obvious to artists that the energy and emotions brought about by music should be sustained, and through music the substantial history of land and people in the territory is once again cherished and re-captured. The album is thus made. All the songs in the album are products of dialogues among musicians and villagers, they embodied stories of past and present. The recording process is uniquely undertaken in-situ in Northeastern New Territories, the ambience of the environment is enmeshed with music and the stories that define who the villagers are. It is hope that every second of sound and music in the album will take the listener onto a journey of wandering in the villages – which fragrance and beauty we hope the public could share and cherish.

Song list:
1. Freedom or disappearance (Tsui Chin Hung xChan Suk Fung (Ah Fung))
2. This Day We Fight (The Interzone Collective x KK)
3. The Changing Ng Tung River (Ky@libido x Becky Au@Ma Shi Po)
4. LianTang at the Door (MC Yan x Heartgrey x Ah Long)
5. The origin of aspiration (Wonderland x Yu Mui and family)
6. Village Woman…little mountain (Nelson Hiu x Candy Yau)
7. Pig farming Koo (Jing Wong x Koo)
8. City (MTSL x Jan Jeh@Jan Kee’s Organic Farm)
9. The Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Chan Pak Tat, Suying Cao x Wah Gor@ Kwu Tung)
10. The Dance of Dong Dong Mountain (Billy x Choi Gor)

《香村》——坪輋、古洞、馬屎埔村民與香港獨立音樂人共創唱片。 這張唱片源於於2013年第一屆空城藝術節《坪輋﹒村校﹒展演》。一眾坪洋公立學校舊生重遊荒廢多年的母校,走到台上再唱一遍校歌;他們的歌聲讓鄉村學校獨有的精神再次燃起,歌詞教他們的記憶鮮活起來。 對啊,這就是音樂的力量!

那讓藝術家很想把歌聲帶來的感動和力量延續下去,以音樂作為方法,將土地和它孕育的人情再現。於是,就有了這張唱片的計劃。當中,每一首歌是由參與音樂人與村民相交和詳談而生成的,每一曲都凝聚著故事——村民的故事和他們交往而產生的新故事。藝術家亦選擇在新界東北的戶外環境中現場錄音,把這片土地的日常質感都收錄進來。 希望唱片中的每一分秒,會帶你參與一次聲音漫遊,感受在我們心目中,應被每一個人珍惜的香村。

1 自由或消失(音樂人:崔展鴻 村民:陳淑鳳@坪輋)
2 This Day We Fight (音樂人:The Interzone Collective 村民:小朋 KK@坪輋)
3 梧桐不同 ( 音樂人:Ky@libido 村民:Becky Au@馬屎埔)
4 門前蓮塘 (音樂人:MC Yan 村民:阿朗@坪輋)
5 初心( 音樂人:Wonderland 村民:如妹一家@坪輋)
6 Village Woman…little mountain( 音樂人:邱立信 Nelson Hiu 村民:邱烙汶 Candy Yau@坪輋)
7 豬農阿咕(音樂人:黃立青 村民: 咕@坪輋)
8 城( 音樂人:煤炭書樓 村民:珍姐@坪輋珍記農場)
9 忘夢洞 ( 音樂人:陳柏達,曹疏影 村民:華哥@古洞)
10 噹噹山舞曲( 音樂人:老B 村民: 張貴財@坪輋)

12.5 x 12.5cm
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