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Yan Jun — Background of Chinese sound art
顏峻 — 中國聲音藝術背景

This CD was compiled as concomitant with Yan Jun’s article “Background, Chinese Sound Art” which was published on the magazine Avant-Garde Today issue 14 in early 2007. But finally it is distributed with Avant-Garde Today issue 15. This individual CD edition is distributed by Sugarjar with a 500-copy limit.

此唱片源自顏峻在 今日先鋒 14 (2007年初) 的文章 – 《中國聲音藝術背景》,但直到 今日先鋒 15才得以發行。此獨立唱片版本由白糖罐發行,限量500張。

12.7 x 12.4cm
CD 2008
12 tracks 曲目

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