"It's in the air" - let air be our mentor 「就在空氣中」- 讓空氣成為我們的導師

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“It’s in the air” – let air be our mentor was a two-year project initiated by soundpocket at Hong Kong House during the last Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. Artists So Wai-Lam, Mark Chung Ching, and Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung took part in a residency in Tsunan, a small town in Niigata Prefecture, Japan during 2018-2019, while soundpocket brought Sound Scoops to Tsunan to share sounds from Hong Kong with people living in or visiting the area.

「『就在空氣中』-讓空氣成為我們的導師」由聲音掏腰包於上一屆越後妻有大地藝術祭香港部屋發起,是一項為期兩年的計劃。藝術家蘇瑋琳、鍾正及何子洋分別於 2018 至 19 年期間前往日本新潟縣的津南進行駐留;聲音掏腰包則將「細聲公」帶到津南,跟當地居民及訪客分享來自香港的聲音。

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