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Photographs tell stories, can you hear them?
The Library by soundpocket calls for photographs
Series 2: Daily life
聽 歲月的聲音躍然紙上


6 August 2012, afternoon.
On Ma Tau Wai Road, a drizzling of rain; sprinkles, soundless.
I was about to suffer from a bout of sleepiness when I suddenly saw this ad.
For sale: a black plastic mat between the cloud, rain, and the air conditioner.
Reason: “On rainy days, water dripping on air conditioners keeps you awake!”
Function: To muffle the sound of rain.
Random thought: Get rid of the sound of raindrops —
doesn’t that make the air conditioner’s motor and the dripping water sound even clearer?

Let’s remove the black plastic mat between your ears and the world! Try the following steps to start listening with your eyes, seeing with your ears, feeling with your hearts, and use photography to record the sounds of daily life.
• Try not to view the world through the camera lens. Close your eyes and experience the presence of sound.
• Notice the frequency, length, texture, tone, and distance of sound.
• You can try closing your eyes to take pictures (provided that the conditions are safe).
• Allow yourself to make technical mistakes.
• Listen and attend with the ear of your heart. Observe the surroundings.

Listen! An onomatopoeia printed on the street ads, love phrases and bad words written on the back of the seats on minibuses, the tempos of taxis, buses, delivery trucks, and minibuses moving slowly through the Cross-Harbour Tunnel during rush hour…You will discover we might not need to use the acoustic spectrum a scientist would to visualize sound. Our world is constantly revealing the traces of sound.

Submission criteria
• Photos are preferably less than 5MB in size, in JPEG or TIFF format with resolution not less than 2500 x 2500 pixel.
• Color or black & white photos are welcome
• No limit to the number of submissions per participant
• Please submit your photos with your name, contact number and description in no more than 50 words, email them to before 31st March, 2013.
• The photos may NOT infringe upon any third parties’ rights. If any photograph does, the photographer will be held legally liable.
• All photos will be uploaded to the Pictorial column on our website
• Once submitted, photos may be used by The Library by soundpocket for non-profit purposes of communication and exhibition.


原因:「落雨天 滴水落冷氣機無覺好瞓!」


• 暫且不用鏡頭去觀看世界,先合上雙眼來感覺聲音的存在
• 細聽聲音的頻率、聲長、質感、輕重,耳測聲音的距離
• 在安全情況下可閉著眼進行拍攝,並容許自己技術上出錯
• 耳聽心受,眼觀四周


• 相片檔案不大於5MB
• 格式須為JPEG 或TIFF及解像度不低於2500×2500像素,黑白彩色不拘
• 投相數目不設上限
• 參加者請於2013年3月31日前將相片連同姓名、聯絡電話及少於50字的文字描述,電郵至
• 投相者必須確保提交的相片不侵犯他人版權。如有侵犯他人版權行為者,將自行負法律責任
• 所有由徵集所得的相片,會上載至聲音圖書館的網頁中
• 投相者同意相片使用權提供予聲音圖書館作非牟利的展示﹑宣傳或出版之使用