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Photographs tell stories, can you hear them?
The Library by soundpocket calls for photographs
Series 1: Occupation related to sound and listening
聽 歲月的聲音躍然紙上

RTHK in rice field-1 B
© Hong Kong Public Records Office, Government Records Service/ 香港政府檔案處,歷史檔案館

“Chang Han-piao, of Radio Hong Kong, interviewing 70-year-old Lau Kau, who owns rice fields and vegetable gardens in the New Territories. Most interviews for the Farmers’ Programmes are done out in the fields.” -“Rural Broadcasting in Hong Kong”, 1962

Journalists, disc jockeys, announcers of MTR, sound surveyors, telephone betting operators, paging service operators, voice artists, eavesdroppers, complaint hotline operators, crosstalk artists, storytellers, sign language translators, tuners, musical instrument craftsmen… Are your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, or neighbors working with sounds?

If you find any of these photographs in your personal album, please don’t hesitate to contact us! All photos will be uploaded to the ‘Pictorial’ column on our website. With your contribution, The Library will grow.

Submitted photos are preferably less than 5MB in size, in JPEG or TIFF format with resolution not less than 2500 x 2500 pixel. Color or black and white photos are welcome. The photos should NOT infringe any third parties’ rights. Please submit your photos with your name, contact number and description in no more than 50 words, email them to before November 15, 2012.

記者、唱片騎師、地鐵廣播員、 聲音測量師、 call台小姐、電話投注員、 配音員、 竊聽者、投訴熱線接線生、相聲、講古佬、手譯、調音師、樂器工匠 …… 你的父母、兄弟姊妹、親戚好友,甚至是鄉親父老有從事與錄音、廣播或聆聽有關的工作嗎?

The Library 現誠徵上述職人的英姿,若你從今日、昔日的照相簿裡發現其踪影,請毫不猶疑地與我們聯络!所有由徵集所得的圖片,會上載至 The Library 網頁的「聲象」圖庫中。The Library 會因你的參與而成長。

參與須知: 相片檔案不大於5MB,格式須為 JPEG 或 TIFF 及解像度不低於 2500×2500 像素 ,黑白彩色不拘。投相者必須確保提交的相片不侵犯他人版權。參加者請將相片連同姓名、聯絡電話及少於50字的文字描述,電郵至。活動截止日期為2012年11月15日。