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The Inevitable II: the Repetitive – Online Exhibition Launch and Sharing
聽(不)見(不)聽 (不)見(不)聽(不)見 – 網上展覽開幕暨藝術家分享會

Guest Curation Project 客席策展 (II)

The Inevitable II: the RepetitiveOnline Exhibition Launch and Sharing


31.10.2015 (SAT 六) 3:30 – 5pm  @  SYUT 談風:vs:再說
Unit B, 10/F, Gee Luen Factory Building, 316-318 Kwun Tong Road, Ngau Tau Kok
* 此活動以廣東話主講 This event will be conducted mainly in Cantonese.
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Repetition. Does it capture our attention? Or quite the contrary?

I started writing pop lyrics more than two decades ago. This is one of the questions that keep me bewildered.
Of course, in the world of pop music, it seems evident. It seems to me that one of the inevitable manifestations of pop music is the repetitive. The melody (mostly) repeats itself, the words (mostly) repeat themselves, and only when a song is being played again and again, does it become noticed, popular, and the people connected with the song become known.
At the same time, many people in our city fare differently. They disappear even though – or precisely because – they repeat things.

Think of the ‘Next stop is…’ announcements on MTR.

Think of the cold calls urging you to try their facial treatments.

Think of the market places constructed in different tongues.

Think of the newspaper distributors early in the mornings.

Who notices them? Why is the story of repetition so different for these sounds and their makers?
Yvette Wong, Dickson Lam, Charmaine Chan and Natalie Yuen document and rework these repetitive sounds in their projects that persuade us to listen, and to visualize their usually invisible makers in the usually invisible time and space.
I guess we are trying to make it less inevitable about the repetitive, about who gets the attention and who not, about the funny operations of our commodifying city that are so very often repetitive.

Chow Yiu Fai

Curated by lyrics’ writer Chow Yiu-fai, the second part of the Guest Curation Project by The Library by soundpocket will be launched and four student artists will share their works during the event.

Please stay tuned with us for more details!




About the Curator

Chow Yiu-fai
Chow Yiu Fai received his PhD degree at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam. He is Assistant Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing of Hong Kong Baptist University. Next to his academic life, Chow is also an award-winning creative writer. He has penned some 1,000 lyrical works for a diversity of Chinese pop artists. Lately, Chow has been increasingly involved in prose writing, multi-media and visual art projects.

About Guest Curation Project

“Guest Curation” is The Library’s long-term project inaugurated in 2014. Artist/curator Solomon Yu, lyrics’ writer Chow Yiu-fai, and artist Pak Sheung-chuen, are invited to take an active role in interpreting the existing materials in The Library. Their concept and curation will become mini-websites that could be accessed from The Library.


周耀輝,畢業於香港大學英國語文及比較文學系,其後參與多種媒體工作。1989年發表第一首詞作,書寫歌詞及其他文字創作至今,出版約一千首詞作,以及文集《突然十年便過去》丶《7749》丶《假如我們甚麼都不怕》丶《紙上染了藍》丶《一個身體,兩個人》。 1992年移居荷蘭。2011年獲阿姆斯特丹大學傳媒學院博士學位,回港任職浸會大學人文及創作系助理教授。近年亦參與舞台及視覺藝術創作。


「客席策展」 是聲音圖書館一個從2014年跨越到2015年的長期合作項目。邀請藝術家/策展人余廸文、填詞人周耀輝及藝術家白雙全,以聲音圖書館現存的材料,策劃、實踐各種具有探索性的構思,並以寄隅網站的方式,打開對聲音圖書館的想像。