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Silent Waves Online Exhibition Launch and Artists’ Sharing
裊 裊 – 網上展覽開幕暨藝術家分享會


2015.6.28 | 2 – 4pm @
KUC Space, 2 Jordan Road, Kowloon  九龍佐敦道2號

Number of people: 30 (This is a free event; Reservation will be made on a first-come-first-served basis) 名額 | 30名(免費活動,先到先得,額滿即止)
*  This event will be conducted mainly in Cantonese 此活動以廣東話主講
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Curator| Solomon Yu
Participating Artists|
Stephanie Sin | Tam Kar-wing | Lau Wang-tat |
Johnwell Chua | Siu Kam-han | Eddie Cheung |
Kong Yiu-wing | Thomas Yuen | Solomon Yu

“Being quiet is not the same as being still
if one could experience roars of a rough sea in a Turner
or feel the crush from the soundlessness of a Rothko
perhaps singing of cicadas could spike as harsh as the midday sun during summer
while sounds from a rice steamer could teleport one into a misty rural village” – Solomon Yu

Curated by Solomon Yu, the artist-led Silent Waves, is the first project of the Guest Curation Series by The Library by soundpocket, in which 9 local artists develop creative works with existing materials in The Library. They listened to books, read sounds and pictured images. They traveled to various unfamiliar and abstract locations in our city, experiencing boredom, confusion, and also the excitement of discovery and surprises.

On 28th June, they present what they have encountered and experimented and share how the experience is brought back to their own art practices in the form of material, word, music, image, sound, interaction or workshop to KUC Space. The mini-website exhibiting this project will also be introduced for the first time in public.

策展人| 余廸文
參與藝術家| 冼朗兒 |譚家榮 | 劉宏達 | 蔡俊偉 | 蕭錦嫺 |
張煒森 | 江耀榮 | 袁永賢 | 余廸文

飯熟蒸氣聲又能否塑造出炊煙裊裊的鄉情?」- 余廸文

「裊 裊」 爲聲音圖書館客席策展計劃之一,由藝術家/策展人余廸文策劃,項目以藝術家主導,當中參與的九位視覺藝術家透過探索聲音圖書館的現存材料,各自發展出各類型的藝術創作。他們沿途聆聽圖書,閱讀聲音,思考影像;他們遇到城市生活中不知名的一角,不熟悉的地方;既有納悶失落的時候,也有驚喜趣味的發現。


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