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“Saturday Around Shum Shui Po Park’s Soundscape”

“Sound is a realm of infinite potentials waiting to be realized in the act of listening, a self-contained world within the mind.”


-Slavek Kwi

“Saturday Around Shum Shui Po Park’s Soundscape” 「星期六深水埗公園與它的周邊聲境」



Thanks Leung Mee Ping (Artist) and Michael Leung (Founder and creative director of HK Farm) for inviting us, through listening to perceive Shum Shui Po community, we held a sound workshop with Hong Kong Baptist University Master of Visual Arts students on 24 Jan 2015. With the presentation, sound map and group discussion, finally, each of us chose the most impressive sound to compose a Saturday Around Shum Shui Po Park‘s Soundscape.

感謝梁美萍(藝術家)與梁志剛(HK Farm創辦人及設計總監)的邀請, 我們於2015年1月24日與香港浸會大學視覺藝術碩士課程的同學進行了一次聲音工作坊, 以聆聽的方法去認識深水埗的社區。藉著講座、聲音地圖和小組討論,最後,我們各選了最印象深刻的一種聲音,重組「星期六深水埗公園與它的周邊聲境」