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MicroCasting : Make a Record of the Summer Solstice
細聲公 : 記下夏至

summer so

Cicadas sing in the Morning, Frogs call in the evening
Waves kiss the land, day and night
The patters of heavy rain, the chirps of summer insects
In the day of the longest daytime, I hear

The humming of the tripping summer.

718 World Listening Day is the birthday of Canadian composer, educator, author and environmental activist R. Murray Schafer (1933-). In the summer solstice of 1974, Schafer made a 24-hour field recording at the countryside near Westminster Abby Monastery, Canada. The recording is a part of his broadcasting project “Soundscape of Canada”.

The summer solstice will be at 1:03:56 p.m. (Hong Kong Time) on June 21 this year. As a tribute to Schafer, The Library team will make a 24-hour field recording at Hung Ling on that day and play excepts of the recording on July 21, 2013 at the lawn of Lok Fu Service Reservoir Garden.

Be a part of The Library’s Outing
Make a record
1. Record the sound of summer solstice on June 21 (13:03:56) ~ June 22 (13:03:56) . Any theme, duration, or location is welcome.
2. Use other means such as poetry, photography, drawings etc. to record your listening experience during the summer solstice.

Email the sound clip/ text/ photography/ manuscript with your name and contact number to no later than July 19, 2013. Sound file duration should be less than 10MB in size, preferably in mp3 or wma format. Image size less than 5MB, in JPEG or TIFF format with resolution not less than 2500 x 2500 pixel. All the collected files will be shared on 21 July.

Share our records
Date: July 21, 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 2:30 – 5:30pm
Location: Lok Fu Service Reservoir Garden

soundpocket activities during 718 World Listening Day in the past.

*The content of these activities does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.



7月18日是世界聆聽日,也是加拿大作曲家、教育家、作者及環境保護者Murray Schafer的生日。Murray Schafer 曾於1974年的夏至,在加拿大的威斯敏斯特修道院附近進行了一次24小時的田野錄音,作為其廣播計劃《加拿大聲境》的一部分。

今年夏至是6月21日,香港時間下午1時03分56秒。聲音圖書館團隊將於夏至當日,在孔嶺郊外進行24小時的田野錄音,並於7月21日假樂富配水庫休憩花園的草地上播出當天的錄音片段,向Murray Schafer 致敬。

1. 在夏至當日 (6月21日下午1時03分56秒至6月22日下午1時03分56秒) 錄下聲音片段、錄音主題﹑長度﹑地域不拘。
2. 以其他形式:寫詩、攝影、繪畫……記錄你在夏至當日的聆聽點滴。

請於2013年7月19日前,將你的聲音/文字/照片/手稿等紀錄,連同姓名、聯絡電話電郵至。建議聲音檔案少於10 MB,mp3/wma格式;圖片檔案少於5 MB, JPEG 或TIFF格式,解像度不低於2500×2500像素。所收集到的紀錄會於7月21日作分享。

地點: 樂富配水庫休憩花園

過往聲音掏腰包於718 世界聆聽日的活動