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DAY AFTER翌日[2014. 9.29 – 12.12] – FringeBacker Fundraising Project for a collective album of the sounds of the Umbrella Movement

Our DAY AFTER翌日[2014. 9.29 – 12.12] CD fundraising project on FringeBacker came to an end successfully on 14th October, 2015.
We are happy to announce that we are backed with $28688 in total.
Here we express our deepest heartfelt thanks to every single backer.
Thank you very much for your participation in making the album happen!

我們於FringeBacker集資平台的DAY AFTER翌日[2014. 9.29 – 12.12] CD 專輯募資計劃於2015年10月14日圓滿結束,合共籌得$28688!
我們在此感謝每一位支持者。您們的參與,令這CD 專輯得以發生。

The Backers’ list is as follows (listed in no particular order)
以下是支持者名單 (排名不分先後):
Pongyu Wai
Wong Chung Fai
Olivia Ma
Frank Tang
Carey Cheng
Lo Yun Ting
Chan Chor See
Sarah Howe
Chloe Froissart
Alex Yiu
John Levack Drever
Lee Ying Chi
Yuki Lo
Joseph Zhan
Kwong Wing-ka
Indy Lee
Nicholas Yip
Chan Hei Man
Chim Chi Ho
Kaydence Wong
Gray and Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren
Ike cheung
Ho Yin Hei
Lai Wing Keung
Stephanie Cheung
Frieda Lee
Rachel Marsden
Things that can happen
Mary Lee
Angela Su
Crystal Chan
yan jun
Lik Ink
Kodama Hibiki
Damon Lee Ho Ming
Rocean Wang
Christina Chung
lee kit
Devitt Koon
Kurt chan
Eric Poon
Kevin Chan
Ellen Pau
Doris CHAU
Chow Chun Fai
Sunny Chan
Kenji wong
Tong Pi Si
Zacky Leung
Edward Sanderson
MAJO Design
Lau Dada
And….of course, our gratitude to the 39 Anonymous backers who have supported us!!

Please stay tuned for our latest news on the DAY AFTER翌日[2014. 9.29 – 12.12] Album.
敬請期待我們 DAY AFTER翌日[2014. 9.29 – 12.12] CD 專輯的最新消息。

>>> Our Project Page on FringeBacker 集資專頁

About DAY AFTER翌日[2014.9.29 – 12.12]– FringeBacker Fundraising Project for a collective album of the sounds of the Umbrella Movement
有關DAY AFTER翌日[2014.9.29 – 12.12]雨傘運動CD專輯募資計劃

DAY AFTER翌日 [2014. 9.29 – 12.12] is a collective album of the sounds of Umbrella Movement. DAY AFTER presents the chronological order of the recordings from September 29 to December 12, that is, from the day after the police shot tear gas to the day after the clearance. This album began as a field recording investigative project initiated by The Library by soundpocket in January 2015. Aiming at collecting and preserving the first hand materials of the Umbrella Movement from the angle of ‘sound’, the investigation put together the sonic recordings and artists’ testimony about their listening experiences in a bona fide social movement.

DAY AFTER翌日[2014. 9.29 – 12.12] 是一張結集雨傘運動聲音的CD專輯。「翌日」是指雨傘運動開始以及結束之後的一天,即警察發放催淚彈到金鐘佔領區被清場後的一天;也就是這張專輯的第一段和最後一段錄音的日期。這張專輯起源於2015年1月,由「聲音圖書館」策劃的「雨傘運動 – 田野錄音調查」。 調查以搜集和整理雨傘運動的一手聲音資料為目標,以「聲音」的角度,藝術家的聆聽經驗去理解和探討錄音。

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Why a CD? 何以是CD

By producing the album, we hope to turn the sound collection into a physical object of the Umbrella Movement. We take field recording as an artistic practice, looking into its characteristics and techniques, as well as factors that constitute the recordists’ listening experience in the circumstance of a social movement. We believe that when one person collects, he/she has a personal album; when many persons collect, they gather together and this collective album takes shape. Therefore, with the FringeBacker platform, we put this idea into practice, and every penny is important to us.



About the Album 專輯內容

Contributing Artists 參與藝術家

Fiona Lee Wing-shan (Hong Kong), Wong Chun-hoi (Hong Kong), dj sniff (Japan), Samson Cheung Choi-sang (Hong Kong), Wong Fuk-kuen (Hong Kong), Tse Chun-sing (Hong Kong), Steve Hui Ngo-shan (Hong Kong), Solomon Yu Tik-man (Hong Kong), So Wai-lam (Hong Kong), Law Yuk-mui (Hong Kong)

李穎姍(香港)、王鎮海(香港)、dj sniff (日本)、張才生(香港)、黃福權(香港)、謝振聲(香港)、許敖山(香港)、余廸文(香港)、蘇瑋琳(香港)和羅玉梅(香港)

Track List 專輯列表

1_ Standoff with Police/ 與警察對峙

2_ The Voice Messages/ 語音

3_ Traffic Light/ 交通燈

4_ Peaceful Gathering/ 和平集會

5_ An Aerial Camera Falling from the Sky/從天上掉下來的航拍機

6_ Protesters’ Gathering after attacked by Pro-China Thugs/抗爭者被暴徒襲擊後聚集

7_ 1984 A Cinematic Opera (Scene 11)/ 1984電影歌劇 (第11場)

8_ Early Morning Sound /早晨的聲音

9_ After Reoccupying Lung Wo Road/重佔領龍和道

10_ The Building of Roadblock at Lung Woo Road /龍和道路障設置

11_ The Footsteps/腳步

12_ The Poem/ 唸詩

13_ The Circle/ 圍圈

14_ Throwing Pebbles Inside the Tunnel/ 在行車隧道內抛石頭

15_ Harcourt Village/夏愨村

16_Freedom, Moses, Small Speaker自由摩西小喇叭

17_ Dropping Coins/ 跌錢

18_ The Trash Can/ 垃圾桶

19_ Gau Wu – Mind Your Step/鳩嗚之過馬路要小心

20_ Glorious Days, Harmonica, Tempo/光輝歲月口琴拍子

21_ The Harmonica Song before the Clearance /清場前的口琴

22_ The Clearance/清場

23_ The Artificial Frog and Bird/假青蛙、假小鳥

Project Timeline 工作時間表

  • Campaign launched – 14th Sept
  • Campaign ends – 14th Oct
  • Printing begins – 30th Oct
  • CD release – 14th Nov
  • Delivery – 23th Nov


  • 募資計劃開始- 9月14日
  • 募資計劃結束 – 10月14日
  • CD製作- 10月30日
  • CD發行 – 11月14日
  • CD發送 – 11月23日

for FringeBacker’s Backers


  • HKD$150 (200 backers), a free 2-CD set with free shipping in Hong Kong, plus $30 delivery fees to places out of Hong Kong
  • Contribute any amount. Just help the project! Every penny counts! (soundpocket will issue receipts to donors. Donations more than HKD$100 are tax deductible.)
  •  港幣$150(200位支持者),回饋雙CD以及香港免郵,世界各地加$30郵費。
  • 任何金額,純粹支持本項目(聲音掏腰包會向捐款人發出收據,所有捐款滿港幣$100以上可申請免稅)。

How do we use the money? 我們會如何使用募集所得的資金?

The goal of $25,000 will allow us to cover:

  • CD mastering, printing and production cost
  • Backer rewards and shipping cost

港幣$ 25,000的募集資金會用於支付:

  • CD的母帶處理、印製及生產成本
  • 支持者的CD回饋和運輸成本

*All surplus will go in supporting the work by The Library by soundpocket from 2016 after deducting all necessary costs and fees as listed.
*所有剩餘的募集資金, 扣除CD發行的成本開支,將用於支持聲音圖書館2016年起的工作。

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