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A Day in Mo Tat – Listening with Mike Cooper
在模達的一天,與Mike Cooper邊走 邊聽

Mike Cooper in Around sound art festival 2009/Mike Cooper在《聽在》聲音藝術節2009

Mo Tat is a small village on north-east Lamma Island. The village is composed of three areas: Mo Tat Wan along the beach, Mo Tat Sun Tsuen (Mo Tat New Village) on the hill and Mo Tat in the valley. Soon, Mo Tat is to welcome British artist Mike Cooper.

Mike was invited by soundpocket to come to Hong Kong for Around sound art festival 2009. He performed a live, improvised concert at Tung O beach in the Mo Tat area. This year, Mike comes back for Around 2013. He will then work on his ongoing field recording project: Island as part of The Library’s artist residency in Mo Tat.

As a sound explorer, Mike’s art practice is all encompassing, straddling performance, recording, the art of soundscape, and more. He had visited and made field recordings around the islands of Ubin, Fiji, Hawaii, East Timor, Bali, Penang… in Pacific Ocean and South East Asia.

( ( ( ( (sounds of thunder storms, birds, insects, electrical generators, boats and aircraft nearby Chiangi airport ) ) ) )

Mike said, “I do feel people miss a lot of the acoustic environment by not walking.” On the 7th day of Lunar New Year, would you like to listen and walk with Mike, and sharing his listening experience in the village?

Registration: Please send your name with contact number to before 14 February, 2013, 17:00. Successful applicants will be contacted individually.
Note for participants: Participants are required to bring their own recording device and notebook. You may be invited by The Library to contribute your recordings to our online community.

Date: 16th February, 2013
Venue: Mo Tat, Lamma Island
Leader: Edwin Lo
Quota: 20 people
Gathering Time and Place: 9.00 am, Aberdeen Pier, HKD22 for Round-trip ferry fare.
Estimated Ending Time: 3.00 P.M.


模達位於香港南區,南丫島上的一個海灣。模達以南是模達新村和舊村,模達以北是一個海灘。在模達,來了一位英國伯伯,他的名字叫Mike Cooper

應聲音掏腰包之邀請, Mike曾於2009來港參與《聽在》聲音藝術節,並在南丫島東澳作演出。今年Mike 再度應邀參與《聽在》2013,並在模達作聲音圖書館的藝術家駐留,進行其錄音計劃 ―「島」。


( ( ( ( ( 雷雨、鳥類、昆蟲、發電機、新加坡樟宜機場附近的船和飛機的聲 ) ) ) )


報名辦法: 請將姓名、聯絡電話,電郵至 登記。截止日期為2013214下午5時正。

日期: 2013年2月16日
地點: 南丫島模達
團長: 羅潤庭
名額: 20人
預計活動結束時間: 下午3時正