Feature: Where is the song?

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“Where is the song?” asks questions about how people inhabit a place by singing songs.

In Singapore GaGa (2005), a video documentary directed by Tan Pin Pin, featuring the hybridity of the Singaporean soundscape with songs sung in English, Hakka, Hainanese, Arabic, Latin, etc. Outside the metro station, a wheelchair-bound woman sings her One Dollar Song while selling tissue paper. In other parts of the city, school cheerleaders sing hymns to their communities. In songs, we hear the character of a place, and the stories of its people.

How many languages you have ever heard in Hong Kong? Hakka, Wai Tau, Cantonese, Fukien, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian or Tagalog? Songs are sung in various languages and dialects, improvised or a capella, by anonymous composers; be they old or new, playful or solemn…wherever there is the song, wherever we will be.

We would like to give our special thanks to Yung Yung, Stephen Cheung, Rita Yip, Grandma Liu and her family, Wong Chun-kok (Ah Kok), Mr. Choi and KC for their advice and participation.





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  • Interview 採訪:The Library/ 聲音圖書館
    Editing 編輯、整理: Law Yuk-mui/ 羅玉梅

  • 2:00PM-4:00PM

  • June - July 2013

  • Cattle Depot Artist Village/ 牛棚藝術村

  • Tascam DR 40/ Handheld 手持錄音/ Recorder mounted on tripod 錄音機置於三腳架

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"Thirteen Streets" adaptation from "Little Li Flying Dagger"/ 《十三街》 改篇自小李飛刀


Brother Wing singing “18 Prohibitions”/ 榮哥唱《18禁》


Brother Wing singing “Sentimental Monk Slips Away to Xiaoxiangguan” / 榮哥唱《情僧偷到瀟湘館》


Ah Mun / 阿蚊01


Ah Mun / 阿蚊02


Airplane Memories/ 飛機回憶

  • Interview 採訪:The Library/ 聲音圖書館
    Transcription 謄錄: Emma Wu/ 吳嘉曈
    Editing 編輯、整理: Law Yuk-mui/ 羅玉梅

  • 10:00AM-12:00NN, 07/15/2013

  • Tai Po Salvation Army Community Centre/ 大埔的救世軍社區中心
    Hong Kong Railway Museum /香港鐵路博物館

  • Tascam DR 40/ Handheld 手持錄音/ Recorder mounted on tripod 錄音機置於三腳架

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Wong Chi-ching singing a Lapsad tune/ 黃志青自述


Wong Chi-ching singing a Huiyang shange/ 黃志青唱惠陽山歌