Learning Curves, Shing Mun River
by Alessandro Carboni

Listen 來聽 /

“Learning Curves, Shing Mun River” is part of Alessandro’s research and interdisciplinary project “Overlapping Discrete Boundaries”, which focuses both on the objective analysis of the urban context and on the intimate, subjective relationship between the observer and the perceived environment. Learning Curves/ Shing Mun River is consisted of three parts: research, installation and performance, as articulated below in the voices of Alessandro and The Library’s Strategic Outreach Officer Li Wai-mei.


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→ read details 繼續閱讀

I territori sommersi di Sam Mun Tsai/ The underwater territories of Sam Mun Tsai/ 三門仔水底領域


I figli delle metropoli franate, Tai Po/ The children of collapsed city, Tai Po/ 倒塌城市的孩子,大埔


Negli strati verticali di Tai Wai


I paesaggi in miniatura di Pai Tau


l gradiente sonoro di Fo Tan


Ai confini della CityOne, Siu Lek Yuen


In the vertical layer of Tai wai/ 大圍的縱面


The miniature landscape of Pai Tau/ 排頭微景


The sound gradient in Fo Tan/ 火炭聲音坡度


Along the border of CityOne, Siu Lek Yuen/ 接壤第一城,小瀝源


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The name of Shing Mun River/ 城門河的名字由來


Heung Feng Liu and Hong Kong/ 香粉寮與香港


Chasing the Dragon/ 追龍


This is just a story/ 純屬故事