On the 70th Floor or so, people celebrating the first day of the second year of the 21st century, on a roof overlooking the whole bay of Hong Kong from Tsim Sha Tsui. Unamused, I start my Symphony for One Man Alone (1): I find my door, and let the wind be the player.

Passing human presence.

Can a symphony be that short? The recording is over, before the end of the piece.

Recording interrupts.
1:  Symphonie pour un homme seul (Symphony for One Man Alone) is a musical composition by Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry composed in 1949–1950 using many recordings of cracking of a door and sounds made by humans, such as voice, sighs, breathings, etc.

於第七十層或更高的樓層,人們慶祝二十一世紀第二年的第一天,在天台可以由尖沙咀看到整個海灣。我不感到驚奇,並開始演奏我的《一人獨處的交響曲》(Symphony for One Man Alone)[1],我找到我的門,並讓風成為樂手,穿過出席的人們。



[1]《一人獨處的交響曲》 (Symphonie pour un homme seul,Symphony for One Man Alone) 由皮爾‧舍費爾(Pierre Schaeffer)及皮爾.亨利(Pierre Henry)於1949至1950 年間創作,以多段開關門聲及人類創造出來的聲音,如人聲、嘆息及呼吸的聲音等……組合而成。