Wei ! Seaweed Cuttlefish-ball Noodle 喂,紫墨河

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  • Choi Tsui-yin 蔡翠茵

  • 07:27PM, 10/12/2012

  • Man Fai, King of Cuttlefish-ball Noodle Shop 文輝墨魚丸大王

  • 5'59"/iPhone 4S/ Placed Under Table 置於桌下

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As far as memory serves me right, this is one of the few stores I have a connection to and still stands after all those years. The interesting thing is that over twenty years, the staff have practically all changed, but the way and tone in which they speak and shout as well as the décor inside the store haven’t changed at all.


Wei ! Seaweed Cuttlefish-ball Noodle/ 喂,紫墨河