Sound Scoop @ Hanoi, Vietnam
細聲公 @ 越南河內
by Georgia Golebiowski

Indira Gandhi Park, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
23.7.2019 16:00-20:00

Named after former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the park is situated approximately 5km South West from the old quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam. Following Lang Ha, one of the main arteries of the city nearly to the large junction with Thai Ha, we find it nestled between the Petrovietnam tower and a half way abandoned large scale tower construction site. On the other side of the junction we see the VP Bank building and other glass towers in the distance. The surrounding area is a mix of towers and office buildings, tech stores, local residential estates, cafes, restaurants and shops but also includes the National Cinema Centre and the Au Co Arts Centre.

以前印度總理英迪拉甘地命名的這個公園,位於距越南河內老城區的西南面約5公里處。沿著廊下(Lang Ha)這城市的其一主動脈,公園坐落鄰近泰河(Thai Ha)的交通匯點,位於越南國家石油集團大樓與另一個半廢棄的大型塔樓建築工地之間。 在交通匯點的另一邊,能望見遠處的VP銀行大樓和其他玻璃大樓。其周邊地區除了各式大廈、辦公大樓、科技商店、住宅區、咖啡館、餐館和商店外,還包括了國家電影中心和Au Co藝術中心。

Stepping into the park and into instinctively drawn movement around Thanh Cong Lake, we are invited by the space itself to imagine the multiplicity of stories that intersect and cross paths within and without the enclosing fences. From 3pm onwards, the neighbouring communities trickle in slowly, gradually building and joining with the stream of walkers and talkers until at some point we notice the space is filled with activity. Kids play football, basketball, running around, while adults use exercise equipment, do their stretches or play badminton. The swimming pool is open from 6am to 6pm. Elders sit fanning themselves and chatting together introducing grandchildren and watching them play with toys and sticks. Men gather in numbers to play Chinese chess and argue over victories. As sunset nears, large fish are pulled from the water and sold on the spot to small bidding crowds. Sound pours in from the city to join the local soundscape, the production of which we are actively participating in all along. The deep hum of traffic is the baseline to this symphony, every action and each story are the instruments.

踏入這個公園,自然而然便被成功湖(Thanh Cong Lake)四周的動靜及空間所吸引著,我們想像故事的多樣性,而這些故事又在藩籬內外的道路上縱橫交錯著。 自下午3點後,鄰近的社區便緩緩流向公園,人們逐漸加入行人與閒聊者的隊伍之中,直到某個時刻我們發覺這個空間充滿著各式的活動。孩子們踢足球、打籃球、跑來跑去,而成年人則使用運動器材、做伸展運動或是打羽毛球。游泳池從上午6點開放至下午6點。長者坐在那裏拍著扇子相互傾談,介紹著自己的孫子孫女,看著他們玩玩具及雪條棍。中年男士們則成群結隊地下中國象棋,為孰勝孰負而爭論不休。隨著夜幕降臨,大魚被小販從水裏撈出,當場販售予一小群競拍者。聲音從城中湧入,加入當地的聲境之中,亦是這個我們一直積極參與的大制作其中。交通噪音是這首交響樂的底韻,每一個動作和每一個故事都變成其中的演奏樂器。

Sound Scoop @ Hanoi, Vietnam is a series of site responsive imaginings – ‘stepping out’ from realities and into possibilities. Sounds from the library along with new recordings from the park are brought together in composition, and in turn offered back to the native soundscape through processes of walking, playing out on portable speakers and rerecording. A conversation with and between the two cities, of spatial relations and relations to each other; weaving the imagined into the real.

細聲公 @ 越南河內是一系列回應現場的聯想 —「跳出」現實後打開可能性。聲音圖書館中的聲音素材與公園裏的全新錄音片段揉合成新的創作,藝術家們通過步行、使用便攜式揚聲器播放和錄音的過程,重現原生的聲境。與雙城對話,關於空間及彼此之間的關係;將想象編織入現實之中。

All tracks were made specifically for aural environments located in and around the park and documented going along with the sounds from that location.


All listening is a way of dreaming somehow 所有的聆聽都是某種意義上的發夢 >>>

Sound locations 播放聲音的位置 >>>

Track 1 聲軌 1

Footsteps cross here and there, some are running, some are walking, some cross the street. People chatter and swings swing. A radio is heard.


Sounds scooped in the track 收錄於聲軌的聲音包括:

My mind wanders as you run 你們跑時我想起其他事 – Matt Chau
The Path of The Garden 公園小徑 – Fiona Lee
Cloth Market 布市場 – Yeung Hiu-kwan
Swing @ Nan Fung Park 擺動 @ 南豐公園 – Choi Tsui-yin
Swing @ Shek Kip Mei Central Playground 擺動 @ 石硤尾中央公園 – Choi Tsui-yin
Mid-Autumn Crowd 熱鬧.中秋 – Anita Kwok

Track 2 聲軌 2

A day trip


Sounds scooped in the track 收錄於聲軌的聲音包括:

Sounds of Sai Wan 西灣的聲音 – Elaine Ho Wing-ah
Insects Waken 3 驚蟄 3 – Kwong Wing-ka
Telford Plaza 德福廣場 – Fiona Lee
Crickets 蟋蟀 – Joseph Zhan
Breathing of KMB 九巴的呼吸 – Wong Fuk-kuen
Before Closing 關閉前一段時間 – Jacklam Ho
Autumnal Equinox 1 秋分 1 – Kwong Wing-ka
Tascam 0036 – Georgia Golebiowski

Track 3 聲軌 3

Resting, gently singing, playing chess.


Sounds scooped in the track 收錄於聲軌的聲音包括:

Sound of Heaven 天籟之音 – NLKY
Relation 息息相關 – Joseph Zhan

Track 4 聲軌 4

A flute player from the park plays popular Vietnamese songs including Ca Ngợi Tổ Quốc by Hoàng Vân.

一個在公園裡的吹笛者演奏越南流行樂曲包括 Hoàng Vân 的 Ca Ngợi Tổ Quốc。

Sounds scooped in the track 收錄於聲軌的聲音包括:

Walk around a flattened village 漫步於平坦村落 – Cheung Tsz-hin
Piling 打樁 – Yan Chan

Track 5 聲軌 5

Noises of generators, extractor fans, water churning machines hum with the fan from a tower.


Sounds scooped in the track 收錄於聲軌的聲音包括:

End of a day – on a train going back to Fanling 一天之盡 – 往粉嶺行駛的火車 – Eunice Young
The interval sounds in the city – Fiona Lee
Switch off the air conditioner 關冷氣 – Tang Wai-man

Track 6 聲軌 6

Dusk. Evening air. On top of the bridge crossing Lang Ha, we watch the lights of traffic flow around the junction and over the bridge. Motorbikes and other vehicles. We slip into a daydream.

黃昏。傍晚的空氣。站在廊下(Lang Ha)橋之巔,我們望見交通燈的光芒在交通匯點及橋上跳躍流動。摩托車及其他車輛。我們身陷於白日夢之中。

Sounds scooped in the track 收錄於聲軌的聲音包括:

Tolo Highway 吐露港公路 – Wong Fuk-kuen
Chinese Abacus 中國算盤 – Yam Kwai-sun
The interval sounds in the city – Fiona Lee

With special thanks to soundpocket for inviting me to participate in the soundscoop project and thanks to Linh and Elise from Undecided Productions who helped realise the day in the park.

特別鳴謝聲音掏腰包邀請我參與細聲公計劃,鳴謝Undecided Productions的Linh及Elise,是他們助我實現了在公園的這天。

Undecided Productions >>>

Facebook event 活動專頁 >>>

Track 1 聲軌 1


Track 2 聲軌 2


Track 3 聲軌 3


Track 4 聲軌 4


Track 5 聲軌 5


Track 6 聲軌 6