The interval sounds in the city

Listen 來聽 / / Day and Night 日與夜
  • Fiona Lee

  • 28/8/2012, 2/9/2012, 28/9/2012,

  • Central Government Offices 中環政府總部, Telford Plaza德福廣場, Badminton Court in Kai Yip Estate 啟業邨羽毛球場, Kwai Hing Tai Loong Street Rest Garden 葵興大隴街休憩公園, Kwai Hing Wah Sing Street 葵興華星街, Basketball Court in Ping Shek Estate 坪石邨籃球場,

  • 28'03", 3'49",10'22", 5'42", 6'05", 6'19", 6'29", 10'01"/ ZOOM H4, TASCAM DR-40/ Handheld 手持錄音

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Birds and cicadas, cars and people
All creatures in the city share a pleasant morning
Before the crowd is awake
To share the same space and time

Air, water and dew drops
Songs, chatterings, bird songs
This is the freedom I enjoy



From Tamar Park to Central Government Office/ 由添馬公園步行至公民廣場


Telford Plaza/ 德福廣場


Soundscape of Badminton Court/ 羽毛球場聲境


Center of the Playground/ 遊樂場中操場


The Path of The Garden/ 公園小徑


The Street/ 街上


The Elderly Dancing Group/ 老年人跳舞聚會


Two Elderly Exercise Groups/ 做運動的老年人