The Fate of AVA, AVA的去留

Listen 來聽 / / The Spatial 空間
  • Joseph Zhan

  • 12:48PM, 08/28/2012

  • Computer Room of Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • 1'45"/ iPad2 with Belkin Shogun Mic /Handheld 手持錄音

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I was attending an AVA guide tour to know more about AVA.

Suddenly I was touched by my tour guide Joego Chan and felt the emptiness and sadness about the empty computer room. I hope it will have a happy ending like AVA can retain the venue and they will have another even bigger computer room.


突然間我被我的導賞員Joego Chan所感動,我能感到這空空的電腦室的空寂和悲傷。我希望最後這事會有好的結果,可能是AVA繼續使用這地方,或者有更大的電腦室。

The Fate of AVA / AVA的去留