The bus Stop without a Lightbox 沒有燈箱的巴士站

Listen 來聽 / / Roadside 路旁
  • Tang Wai-man

  • 06:35PM, 08/10/2013

  • Hang Mei Tsue, Yuen Long/ 元朗坑尾村

  • 03’20”/ IPod / Recorder in stationary position 錄音機靜置

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When I return to this old place, it feels like I am observing this city with freshly acquired eyes and body. Due to the distance, all the things I have taken for granted before are becoming objects of curiosity. People come and go every day, crossing paths with others. Within the same city, the design and function of bus stops in different districts may vary. There is a lot of potential in a semi-open space – in the way the space affects us, and in the way we give meaning to the space.


The bus Stop without a Lightbox/ 沒有燈箱的巴士站