• 2:30 - 5:30 PM, 01/12/2013

  • Central Lawn of Jordan Valley Park, Kwun Tong/ 觀塘佐敦谷公園中央草坪

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A rumbling train heading to the final station is a journey’s end.
Turning off the lights and going to sleep is a day’s end.

Folding up light outfits and putting them into storage is summer’s end.
Crowds cheer on New Year’s Eve to bring in the year’s end.

Relatives and friends crying at the bedside sounds out a life at its end.
Eternal silence is the universe’s end.

-Kwong Wing Ka

MicroCasting is a series of outreach programmes conceived by The Library by soundpocket. At that day, we sat on the central lawn of Jordan Valley Park, turned on the speakers, listened to and shared different types of “end” in our lives with new friends we have just met.




– 鄺永嘉


Listening & Sharing/分享聆聽


End of a journey/ 旅程終站 by Coral Chan


Afternoon/ 午後 by Dicky Yeung


Cicada 's song after dark/ 入夜後的蟬鳴 by Siu Kam-han


Shigaraki Kogen Railway/ 信樂高原鐵路 by Siu Kam-han


Dinner/ 晚餐 by Lucy Hon