Sound Scoop @ Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2019 Summer
細聲公 @ 越後妻有大地藝術祭 2019 夏祭

Listen 來聽 / / Japan - Echigo-tsumari Art Field 日本-越後妻有大地藝術祭
  • Kiwi 奇異

  • 18:52, 07/07/2019

  • Junction of Canton Road and Gateway Boulevard 廣東道及港威大道交界

  • iPhone 8 / Handheld 手持錄音

We are but a single call

The amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, so-called Extradition Bill, if approved, would allow extradition of people not only to China but to any jurisdiction in the world with which Hong Kong has no existing formal agreement since this June.

The way the Hong Kong Police and law enforcement departments dealt with the Yuen Long mob attack and other demonstrations has also raised concern among the people of Hong Kong. It is even more doubtful whether the human rights, freedom and even personal safety of Hong Kong residents were still be protected.

This sound recording was collected during a march held in Kowloon on July 7, 2019. The organizers recorded a total of over 230,000 participants.

During the demonstration, the protestors repeatedly shouted slogans such as “Hong Kong Police – knowingly break the Law” (hoeng1 gong2 ging2 caat3, zi1 faat3 faan6 faat3!), “Black cops – shame!” (heg1 ging2 – ho2 qi2), condemning the police for abusing their power and for using excessive force against protestors.





In sound, of sound, let turbulence speak.
With sound, let turbulence not be forgotten.

In the past two months, Hong Kong citizens have been voicing out their thoughts to the government, the law enforcement departments, and the people who support or disagree with the protest against the anti extradition law. These voices echo not only within Hong Kong, but also to other countries, and more voices come around and join the movement. There is no such voices as mainstream voices. They are voices from every single one.

Is there anything you would like to share with the Hong Kong citizens? Please tell us.

1. Press “Record” and “Play” at the same time. Recording should start accordingly;
2. Come closer to the wooden box and say what you would like to share;
3. When you have finished, press “Stop”.




1. 將「錄音」和「播放」一同按下,錄音便會自動開始
2. 靠近木箱,將你想說的錄下來
3. 完成後,按「暫停」

The above materials were displayed in the form of Sound Scoop at Hong Kong House Terrace during Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2019 Summer.


We are but a single call 一呼百應