Sound of Protest 抗爭的聲音

Listen 來聽 / / Protest 抗爭
  • Sunny Chan

  • 02:05PM, 09/19/2012

  • University Concourse of City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學大學道

  • 8'08"/Zoom H1/手持器材向舞台及人群錄音 Handheld, towards the stage and the crowd
    2'05"/Zoom H1/手持器材向持相反意見人士及人群錄音 Handheld, towards people with different opinions

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I recorded this sound clip in the University where I used to study. The Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying was a former member of the university’s council. I was disappointed with his policy about the national education. I tried to record the sound as memory of our participation in the protest.


Stage and Crowd/ 舞台及人群


People with different opinions/