• Terence LLoren

  • on a ski lift in Hokkaido, Japan 於日本北海道的一架滑雪纜車上

  • 1’52”/ Handheld 手持錄音

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On the ski lift, there are speakers on every other pylon, and the differences in the timings between each speaker  create this amazing multi-tap echo. There is some wind noise and the rumbling of the chair as we pass every pylon. The next day, the weather was not so good and the lift was closed for the remainder of my time there. Usually, the speakers play RnB music.

You can get a sense of distance and space by listening to the speakers. The sense of movement is apparent from  the hum of the cable overhead, the occasional rumbling at each pylon, and the  loudspeakers’ sound passing from  in front to  behind the chairlift I was sitting on.

Sometimes, the best things are on the other side.




Ski Lift Warning 滑雪纜車警告