Shopping Malls, before Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋前夕的商場

Listen 來聽 / / Mid-Autumn 中秋

While there are many people in the shopping malls of both Hong Kong and the US, the malls are a lot noisier in Hong Kong. Around the Mid-Autumn Festival, large-scale decorations are installed in Hong Kong shopping malls, whereas in the US, you can only find them in Chinatowns.


Announcement (US)/ 公布(美國)


Foodcourt(US)/ 美食廣場(美國)


Songs (US)/ 歌曲(美國)


Mid-autumn festival music (HK)/ 中秋音樂(香港)


People (HK)/ 人流 (香港) 1


People (HK)/ 人流 (香港) 2


Department store (HK)/ 百貨(香港)


Shopping malls/ 商場