Sai Wan Waves 西灣的浪

Listen 來聽 / / Water 水
  • Michael Leung

  • 10:09AM, 01/18/2013

  • Sai Wan 西灣

  • 1’08"/DR-07 Mark II/Recorder in stationary position 錄音機靜置

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The sound clip captures the sound of the Sai Wan waves hitting the extrusive igneous rocks, located on a remote part of the coastline that is only accessible with some light climbing.

When I hear this sound clip I instantly feel calm and I miss the location where it was recorded. It is the complete opposite environment of where I live in the city.


每當聽到這個段聲音,我都頃刻感到平靜,並且十分懷念錄音的地點 – 一個與我所居住的環境完全相反的地方。

Sai Wan Waves/西灣的浪