• Text 文:Yip Kai-chun/ 葉啟俊
    English Translation 英譯: Yoyo Chan/ 陳蕾

  • Sept 九月 2017 - Jan 一月 2018

  • Hong Kong/ 香港

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Peng Chau residents always say they are “heading to Hong Kong” whenever they take a ferry, a habit which I still find rather romantic. This idea distinguishes Peng Chau from the other places in Hong Kong with their towering skyscrapers and rowdy crowds.

“Is Peng Chau very quiet?” Peng Chau is not without sounds, but it is free from the common urban noises. The silence of Peng Chau allows sounds that are usually masked by city noises to surface – some from nature, and some from the humans and machines. Different layers of silence tune our ears to rediscover the sounds of the city that we have become habituated to, and for them to even become the muse of artists.

Next time you are in Peng Chau, don’t forget to keep your ears wide open to dive into the silences of the island.





:: Acknowledgement 鳴謝 ::

Sharon CHAN 陳楚珊
Nelson HIU 邱立信
Charles KWONG 鄺展維
Louise LAW 羅樂敏
Franz MANG 孟繁麟
SZE Ka-yan 史嘉茵

Everyone who has kept Peng Chau a quiet place 所有保持坪洲安靜的人

:: Tuning Silences — Listening to Peng Chau 怎個靜字了得 — 耳聽坪洲 ::
> Prologue 引言
1. Low Volume Ear Cleansing 清耳仔的底聲
2. Noises in Serenity 靜中帶嘈
3. The Songs of Birds and Bamboo 鳥風竹浪
4. Festivals and Ritual Ceremonies 慶典祭祀
5. Ferries Coming & Going 船來船往
< Conclusion 結語