Paper Airplane 紙飛機

Listen 來聽 / / Transportation 交通
  • Rika Wong

  • 02:00-04:00PM, 07/28/2013

  • outside Terminal One and South Perimeter Road at the Hong Kong International Airport Maintenance Area 香港國際機場飛機維修區南環路及一號

  • 0’44/ 0’59/ 0’29/ Zoom H1/ Handheld手持錄音

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As I was raised in Kowloon City, I have a special affiliation towards airplanes. This helps to bring back the oppressive yet intimate feeling that used to be there whenever you casually looked up – the airplanes of different sizes, models and weights flying low and making noises above the residential area every day and night.

因自小便在九龍城長大自今的我,對飛機有着一份特別的情意結。 藉此尋找昔日的那種隨意便能枱頭向上望、不同大小機體重量的聲響、日以繼夜突如其來在民居上空低飛的壓迫感與親切感。

Paper Airplane/ 紙飛機 01


Paper Airplane/ 紙飛機 02


Paper Airplane/ 紙飛機 03