In response to the Sound Collecting Workshop soundpocket presented as part of the Education Programme for “Our Audible City”, artists Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung and Li Hiu-wa were commissioned to conduct sound collection projects during the Inauguration Performance of Atlas held at Tai Kwun on 30 June 2018. These works by the two artists demonstrate how artists can employ different media and tools for recording and re-creating their listening experiences.


1. “Field Recording as Sound Collecting” by Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung 何子洋:田野錄音
2. “Photography as Sound Collecting” by Li Hiu-wa 李曉華:攝影作為採聲
3. “On the complementarity of Field Recording and Photography” by Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung & Li Hiu-wa 何子洋及李曉華:錄音與攝影的互補性

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