My father’s transistor radio

Listen 來聽 / / The Radio Series 收音機篇
  • Annie Wan 尹麗娟

  • 2014

“My father did not talk to us that much……You know, people of the last generation tended not to voice out what they think, they kept everything in their heart. He passed away a long time ago, but I still remember some of his habits, like listening to football matches…..South China VS Happy Valley…… this radio is simply related to my father.”

“My father left behind this radio, and then it was my mother’s turn to use it. My mother usually listened to women’s programs that talked about ordinary things when she was cooking. Now, she seldom uses it because we bought her a digital radio. It’s no longer in the kitchen. I don’t know if my mother is hiding it somewhere or whatsoever.”

「因爲我爸爸很少與我們溝通的,你知道上一代人喜歡把東西放在心中。他過了身很久啦,但有一些習慣會特別記得吧! 譬如聽球賽啦,甚麽南華對愉園……我很記得這個收音機是跟爸爸掛鈎的。」