Montage of Tai Hang Dragon 蒐集火龍

Listen 來聽 / / Crowd 人群
  • Matt Chau

  • 8:30PM , 09/18/2013

  • Tai Hang, Wu Sha Street/ 大坑,浣紗街

  • 6’16”/2’ 6” / 0’ 52”/ 0’ 43”/ 0’25”/ 0’ 45”/ 1’ 11” / YV-150/ Handheld手持錄音

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Story of the fire dragon and dragon lanterns
Once upon a time, there was a village where the villagers love farming and hunting.
One day, the villagers killed a snake and handed it over to the police for temporary storage.
The wingless snake flied away unexpectedly and a plague hit the village, leaving the villagers constantly in fear.
A villager was fully supportive of the saying that the mid-autumn fire dragon dance can rid the village of plagues.
Although the fire dragon and dragon lanterns only appear during the Mid-autumn Festival, they already felt like old friends on first sight and have since maintained a friendship of over a hundred years.


Story of Tai Hang/ 大坑故事


People talking in music/ 人們在音樂下交談


Take a break and be a bit quiet/ 稍休片刻 並安靜一會


Waiting in a ceremony/ 在儀式中等候 01


Waiting in a ceremony/ 在儀式中等候 02


Take him to the police/ 把他交給警察


All lay down/ 所有人蹲下


Finally comes/ 最後來了


Leaving excitingly/ 興奮地離去