• Samson Young/ 楊嘉輝

  • whole day/ 一整天, 09/12/2013

  • Man Ming Lane park/文明里休憩處, karoke lounge opposite to the park/文明里休憩處對面的卡拉OK酒廊

  • Zoom H2/ Recorder mounted on boom stick protected with a windshield/錄音機套上防風罩置於收音吊桿

Location 1
“at dust.” mid-afternoon. children of southeastern asian descent playing. grandma resting by the block of concrete to the left of the bench.

Location 2
“the pearl of the orient.” early afternoon. a boy practiced for recitation contest. the title of his speech was “my home, hong kong, the pearl of the orient.”

Location 3
“marrying rich.” late evening. a group of school-aged girls dreamed of property acquisition, and of marrying to rich persons with questionable hygiene.

Location 4
“in it to win it.” early morning, around 4:30am. traders in the nearby fruit market (heard at a distance) were already getting busy. three teenagers playing poker.

Location 5
“straight out of a tv drama.” late evening. close to midnight. two men and a middle-aged woman. they talked about loans, gambling, and quarrels over money.

Location 6
“sex and death.” late evening. close to midnight. middle-aged men idle chatter. they discussed death and the deteriorating body in the only way they know how.

Location 7
“farewell (swan songs).” late evening. inside of a karaoke lounge. two older customers and six middle-aged songstresses. a hostess sat with us.

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