We are Listening

Starting at different points in listening and sound-making, Frances Law Chi-kei, Wong Fuk-kuen, William Wong Chi-wai and Samson Cheung Choi-sang got to know one another at the ‘Itchy Ears’ listening workshop, a collaboration between soundpocket and the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong’s ‘The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Inclusive Arts Project’. After completing the ‘Itchy Ears’ workshop, soundpocket invited Frances and William to join four workshops on sound art with artists Fuk-kuen and Samson. Upon the completion of the workshops, they decided to create something together by swapping their works and re-creating them. First of all, everyone created a piece of work. After that, Samson gave his work to Fuk-kuen, who gave his work to Frances. Frances passed his work to William, whose work was given to Samson. The recipients then re-created the works as they wished. Two weeks later, they passed the work to another person to re-create it and so on. After four rounds, the works were returned to the original creators. Yet, the work was no longer the same work. No one knows what the works would be like eventually. In this learning group, what matters is the exchange process between the four of them, rather than the final outcome.
William described Frances as the sky; Fuk-kuen as the sea and himself as the stars. I joked that the allocation was just right, like the costumed hero roles in a TV series. The learning group was formed by chance. There weren’t any specific goals to achieve; there wasn’t anything to conclude. As Fuk-kuen said, to experience sound, one has to be in the state of ‘being’, which means being aware of this moment, this second. The four of them were there to experience the delightful exchanges of four voices.


羅志琪(Frances)、黃福權、 黃至威(William)和張才生(Samson),在聆聽和發聲,各有不同的起點,因香港展能藝術會《香港賽馬會社區資助計畫──共融藝術計畫》與聲音掏腰包合作的「抓耳朵」聆聽工作坊而相識。Frances和William在「抓耳朵」後,被聲音掏腰包邀請加入學習小組,聯同藝術家福權和Samson,進行了四節有關聲音藝術的工作坊。工作坊完結後,他們決定一起進行創作。創作模式,是與大家交換作品,再創作。首先,每人做一件作品。然後,Samson的作品傳給福權,福權的作品傳給Frances,Frances的作品傳給William,William的作品傳給Samson,收件人按照自己的意願在作品上再創作。兩週之後,把作品傳到下一位手中,讓他再在上面創作,如此類推。四個回合之後,作品㑹回到原著者手上,但已經不是同一件作品了。大家都不知道,作品最終㑹變成怎樣。在這個學習小組,重視的不是最後的結果,而是四人交流的過程。