Sun’s longitude: 345°
Lunar calendar: Lunar calendar: 24th January
Pentads: Peaches begin to blossom, Orioles sing, Eagles transform into cuckoos

“Opening the Dragon’s Mouth” — really it’s the first time I heard this expression, over breakfast with my mother today. Apparently for the older generation, this refers to the first thunderstorm after the Insects Waken (Cantonese: Gengzat; “awakening of insects”); only after this will the croaking of frogs be heard. This seems right, after some thought; after all, how could tadpoles survive without rainfall? The humming insects gradually multiplied in the afternoon, and Siu Hang Village became a miraculous place. The three-story village houses on the side are getting ever denser, but heading up the slope around the mountain, you can only see the canopy of the forest covering up the sky. You can hear the sound of cicadas chirping, many of them. Passing by a little village hut on my way out, I see that the clothing of the magical dolls representing villains have already been burnt to ashes, and the beans are scattered everywhere. But really, this is nothing compared to my childhood, when there used to be fantastical scenes of paper tigers with their mouths stuffed full of fatty pork everywhere.

黃經: 345°
物候: 桃始華,倉庚鳴,鷹化為鳩


Insects Waken/ 驚蟄 1


Insects Waken/ 驚蟄 2


Insects Waken/ 驚蟄 3