Taiwan – Happy Mount Colony
台灣 -「樂山教養院」
by Sandwishes Studio 三明治工

Listen 來聽 / / Taiwan - Happy Mount Colony 台灣 -「樂山教養院」

sound scoop 細聲公 @ Happy Mount Colony from Bali, Taiwan 台灣八里的「樂山教養院」


About Happy Mount Colony 關於樂山教養院
The 81-year-old “Happy Mount Colony” was established by the British missionary, Dr. George Gushue-Taylor in 1934. It was formerly specialized in sheltering and taking care of the patients who suffered from leprosy. Later on and due to the advance in medicine, the patients gradually recovered or passed away. In 1971, “Happy Mount Colony” has transformed into a home for the mentally disabled children, now offers 132 mentally disabled people with residential care services for 24 hours.
具有81年歷史的「樂山教養院」, 於1934年由英籍傳教士戴仁壽醫師創立,初期收容及照護痲瘋病患者。後來,因藥物發達,病患者漸漸痊癒或離世,樂山於1971年改為智障兒童教養所,現今則提供132位重度身心障礙者24小時住宿照顧服務。

About Sandwishes Studio 關於三明治工
“Sandwishes Studio” is a company which caters the needs of social welfare organizations and enterprises in art design and social welfare projects. “Happy Mount Colony” is its first collaborating unit which combines elements of art and social welfare in the project.

As the first stop for “overseas soundscoop”, members from the “Sandwishes Studio” have picked the “24-hour field recording” collected in Hung Leng, New Territories by the Library team. And further, they cut, chose and placed four tracks from the recording to four black loudspeakers. These sounds, from a strange and foreign place, are yet similar to the residents’ living environment at “Happy Mount Colony”- it is backed by mountains, with a large grass plain, trees and a farm that is used for Horticulture Therapy. To the residents, the sounds from the black loudspeakers are like secret codes that yet to be discovered, and through their listening experiences can they be imagined and interpreted.