lui ppopo

Fortuitously we met, through the introduction of Yung Yung, Grandma Liu, a smart elderly with very good memory, who knows and sings a lot of Wai Tau songs. At first we thought the songs were interesting, but after chatting with Grandma, we realized she had a wish. She was worried that when she passed away one day, no one would sing songs of lament at her funeral. The Library by soundpocket had not been established at that time. We put ourselves into Grandma’s shoes, and we did what we could – we recorded her songs with our recorder and in the studio. We began the project by visiting Mun Hau Village at Sheung Shui, where Grandma used to live. We went to see the ancestral hall, and we listened to Grandma telling her childhood stories.

Grandma’s family thought that these recordings could be put to better use than by merely being played in her funeral. Today, many Wai Tau people live all over the world. Grandma believes these recordings can re-establish the connection between Wai Tau people and their language.

-Told by Yeung Yang, transcribed by the editor



Grandma Liu King-yung/ 嫲嫲廖敬容

Bridal Lament/ 哭嫁歌

Funeral Lament/ 哭喪歌

About Love/ 男女