• Choi Tsui-yin 蔡翠茵

  • 05:57PM, 07/01/2012

  • Pedestrian Crossing in Front of SOGO, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣崇光前斑馬線

  • 4'12"/iPhone 4S/Handheld 手持錄音

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At first, I only thought of recording with the microphone on while wandering around. Just as everyone was very anxious, a group of police officers squeezed into the crowd and finally prepared to open up a path to give way to the people. They shouted, “Excuse me, excuse me, ‘give us a way’ (let us through).” Amid the throng, the police and ordinary citizens started bickering. At the point when I was pushed by the police, the officer just casually said, “Oh, sorry, he was the one who pushed me.” The original recording lasted over an hour; in the end, I chose to keep this bit, and I just felt that the officer was detestable.


Give way 開路