Frogs in Kowloon Park 九龍公園的蛙聲

Listen 來聽 / / Courtship 桃花期
  • Wong Chun-hoi

  • 06:30PM, 06/11/2012

  • Kowloon Park 九龍公園

  • 1'08"/ Zoom h4n/ Placed under the chair and near a light box, then leave 把錄音機放於燈箱的坐椅下,然後離開

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I heard the frog sound and I tried to find them. I can’t instantly remember how the frogs appear, although I saw them when I was making the recording. I can only recall Felix Hess.

我聽到青蛙的聲音,然後嘗試找尋牠們的蹤跡。雖然我在錄音時看到牠們,但我不能很快便記住牠們的出現,我只想起Felix Hess。

Frogs in Kowloon Park/ 九龍公園的蛙聲