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  • 03: 19PM, 08/23/2013

  • 山邊/Hillside

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Sun’s Longitude:150°
Lunar calendar: 17th July
Pentads: Eagles worship the Birds, Heaven and Earth begin to Withdraw, Grains become Ripe.

“Seizing summer to gain autumn” is a phrase most beloved of seniors, which vividly describes how autumn has arrived and yet the weather is still terrifyingly hot. People
abroad seem to call this weather an “Indian Summer” but it is not really known if it refers to the same time.

物候: 鷹乃祭鳥,天地始肅,禾乃登。

「爭秋奪暑」老人家最愛說的話,生動的說這種秋天已到、卻依然熱得嚇人的天氣。國外也好像叫這種天氣作「印第安之夏」(Indian Summer),不過是不是同一時期就不得而知了。

End of Heat / 處暑