Detachment from Reality 現實的抽離

Listen 來聽 / / Imagining Boundaries 邊界想像
  • Fung Ho Hang

  • 1:30am 凌晨一時半, 02/12/2017

  • Home 家

  • 3’15”/ iphone / Handheld 手持錄音

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I was  in the still of the night. I took out a Cup Noodle from the cabinet and filled the kettle with water.

sik lik sik lik sik lik sik lik

I stood in front of the pot and waited for the water to boil; the water sounded as if it had set the boundary between reality and imagination. During the boiling process, water changed from static to dynamic, liquid to gas. The narrow space was filled with the sounds of water in different states. The sounds  also brought me to various “places”.

gu lou gu lou
gu lou gu lou gu lou
gu lou gu lou gu lou gu lou

“Daap”, the steam came out from the pot. I was pulled back to the reality from the world inside the kettle.






Detachment from Reality 現實的抽離