Clap for the National Health Service 為國民健康服務體系鼓掌

Listen 來聽 / / Special: Sounds of “usual” life during the pandemic 抗疫「日常」的聲音
  • Keith de Mendonca

  • 08:00PM, 04/16/2020

  • Bermondsey Spa, London GB 英國倫敦伯蒙德賽

  • 05’44’’ / Edirol R-09 Recorder 錄音機 / Recorder placed on a surface 錄音機置於平面

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The quiet in the streets is caused by the lockdown… There are no cars or planes. A ripple of applause moves through the city around 8 o’clock from the distance. A train sounds its horn as it passes. After the applause dies down a food delivery man appears on a motor scooter; a helicopter over the river Thames is heard in the distance. Interrupted conversations and children’s games start up again.

This has become a weekly tradition in the UK and so will be remembered as one significant audio memory of the pandemic. It is an unusual display of emotion and solidarity in a country that prefers its “stiff upper lip” and “not making a fuss”.

街上的安靜源自城市封鎖措施… 這裏沒有車,沒有飛機。一浪接一浪的掌聲於晚上 8 時從遠處傳遍整個城市。一輛火車在沿途響號。當掌聲開始減弱,一個送外賣的人便騎著電單車出現;從一段距離聽見一架直升機於泰晤士河上空劃過。被中斷的對話和兒童的遊戲又重新開始。


Clap for the National Health Service 為國民健康服務體系鼓掌