@ 18 Pitt Street 碧街18號: 7.9 – 13.9.2015 (2 – 7pm)
@ So Boring 蘇波榮: 14.9 – 20.9.2015 (7 – 10pm)

sound & text 聲音及文字 / The Library by soundpocket
Special: Man Ming Lane Park 文明里休憩處 by Samson Young

Near a park, South Asian kids are playing, a boy is practicing recitation, and school-aged girls are dreaming of marrying rich men, teenagers are playing poker, men and woman are quarrelling over money, middle-aged men are discussing about death and songstresses are singing in the karaoke lounge. Bit by bit, they form the faces of Yau Ma Tei.

Starting from 7th September, sound scoop local will play the sounds of “Man Ming Lane park” in 18 Pitt Street and So Boring consecutively. As we walk in the streets of Yau Ma Tei, what stories can we hear?