Part III: 28 Cases of Art for Further Reflection
〈 第三部: 28個藝術案例與省思〉
Learn 學習 / Self-study Corner 自修室

The Library’s Self-Learning Kit Part III is about how sound and listening can be transformed into art creation. We provide 28 artworks by different artists in Hong Kong and other parts of the world, to encourage people to start creating with sound.

In addition to introducing selected works, with the activity-and exploration-based questions, readers are led to actively seek meaning and inspiration from the artworks. They also have the chance to familiarize themselves with an artistic language that encourages curiosity and lifelong learning. For those interested in developing their artistic practice in this field, they may find concrete references.

聲音圖書館自學教材三部曲之三是關於如何把聲音和聆聽融入藝術創作中。 我們蒐集了28件香港以至世界各處的藝術家作品,這次以創作的思路出發,鼓勵學員從藝術家身上學習,用聲音創作。


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