Part II: A Walk for Listening Together
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This self-learning exercise is an actual walk designed for listening. Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail presents a historically and sonically rich experience, and yet, under-recognized as such. Upon The Library’s research in collaboration with a small group of artists and citizens of Hong Kong, a guide for listening is composed in the form of poetic prose. Birds, forests, buildings of all shapes and sizes, memories of war…all come into the walk.

“Part II: A Walk for Listening Together”

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這是一段聆聽之旅。黃泥涌陝徑是一個不多為人所知,卻是個能好好體會歷史和聲音的地方。聲音圖書館與一班藝術家和香港公眾一起研究,結合出一個詩歌形式的聆聽指引。蟲鳥、草木、不同建築、抗戰歷 史…… 在路上遇見,用聆聽再發現。





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