Workshop on listening 2014-2015
校園採聲計劃 2014-2015
Learn 學習 / On Campus 校園裹
The Salvation Army Shek Wu School

10/06/2015 (Wed) 2-3pm, 17/06/2015 (Wed) 2-3pm


感謝李志豪老師的邀請, 我們與救世軍石湖學校的中四至中六同學進行了兩次聆聽工作坊。通過聆聽練習,提出關於聲音、聆聽、自身及社會的問題,鼓勵同學主動聆聽,主動創作。












Thanks for the invitation by Mr. Lee Chi Ho, we held two listening workshops with F.4 to F.6 students of The Salvation Army Shek Wu School. Through the listening exercises, we raised the question about sound, listening, yourself and the relation with the society, thus to encourage students to become an active listener, also be active to create.

In the first session, we turned the daily mundane materials into “sound objects”, for instance, rubber band, plastic fork, file holder, water, paper, glass bottle, metal box, drainer etc of different combination. Some students took the role as “performer” and some took the roles as “conductor”, together with some beats, students jammed an improvised ensemble.


After the students made the sound map in the second session, they compared and realised each of them could have different interpretation of the same sound, it is very subjective and unique. Take a look for the following students to see 3 different ways of expressing cicada’s sound: (see above soundmaps)

Finally, 60 students picked an impressive sound they heard in the campus, and mimicking this sound together to reconstruct the soundscape of “early summer afternoon of The Salvation Army Shek Wu School”. (ooops, why so many weird and noisy creature had come out!)



There are many ways to record sound,  mimicking sound, reinterpret sound with a group is also a way to record and create.