Workshop on listening 2014-2015
校園採聲計劃 2014-2015
Learn 學習 / On Campus 校園裹
Tai Po Youth Arts Festival 大埔青年藝術節

28/3/2015 (Sat) 2-4pm


“What sound makes you scared?” A little boy said, “Tiger!” “How does that sound like?” He said, “I have never seen tiger, nor heard their voice.“ This little boy reminds us that whether we have taken the daily listening perception way too granted?

Invited by Ms CHUNG Siu-Mui, The Library by soundpocket joined Tai Po Youth Art Festival 2015, and held an Itchy Ear Listening workshop. The workshop attracted elderly, kids and parents, couples and teenagers to participate and use the ears, headphones and drawings to explore listening and sound. Age doesn’t avoid the participants to interact, the surprise from sounds encouraged them to share and ask questions among themselves.

Tai Po Youth Arts Festival 2015 is organized by Tai Po Home Affairs Department and Tai Po District Youth Network, and held at Tai Po Civic Centre and the former Tai Po Government Secondary School from March 27th to 28th, 2015.

甚麼是令你會「驚的聲音」? 問小弟弟,他說是老虎;那聲音是怎樣的?他卻說從沒見過,也沒聽過牠的叫聲。小弟弟的老虎分享提醒了我們對待平日的聆聽是否太理所當然?

聲音圖書館獲鍾小梅邀請參與「大埔青年藝術節2015」, 舉行「抓耳朵」聆聽工作坊。吸引了長者、 幼童和家長、夫婦、青年人一同用耳仔, 用耳機, 用繪畫了解聲音。年紀沒有分隔參與者的互動,聆聽的驚喜使他們願意分享、互相發問。

「大埔青年藝術節2015」由大埔民政事務處及大埔區青年網絡主辦, 2015件3月27至28日一連兩日於大埔文娛中心及前大埔官立中學舉行。