Workshop on listening 2014-2015
校園採聲計劃 2014-2015
Learn 學習 / On Campus 校園裹
School of Creative Media (visual ethnology) 香港城市大學創意媒體書院 (視覺民族學)


Thank you Cally Yu, from the School of Creative Media (SCM), the City University of Hong Kong, for inviting us to give a 3-hour introduction from listening to sound collecting on 21st November, 2014.
We definitely had a good time and have composed the wonderful track of “The Morning of SCM” with students studying visual ethnology.

感謝俞若玫(Cally Yu)的邀請,我們在11月21日於香港城市大學創意媒體書院作了一個從聆聽到採聲的三小時簡介。

“The Morning of SCM”「SCM之清晨」


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