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“Amaz Sing Walk” Public Workshop
Learn 學習 / Day Trip 體驗日


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“Amaz Sing Walk” Public Workshop: Open for registration now!
1.4.2017 (SAT 六) | 10 am – 6pm

The workshop includes “Deep Listening” exercises and a secret journey led by 5 Hong Kong artists 工作坊將由五位香港藝術家帶領「深度聆聽」(Deep Listening)練習及神秘之旅:
Samson Cheung Choi-sang 張才生 | Heidi Law Hoi-yan 羅鎧欣 | Berry Law Kwok-tung 羅國彤 | Lin Wah 年華 | Tung Wing-hong 董永康

Quota: 30 (First-come-first-served)
Workshop Fee: Adult $100 | Full-time student $80 (Light lunch included. Travel costs at participants’ own expense.)
Enquiry: Ms. Rachel Wong | [email protected] / 3954 5584
Registration Deadline: 2017.03.25 (Sat)
*Conducted in Cantonese

名額:30位 (先到先得,額滿即止)
費用:成人100元 | 全日制學生80元(包輕盈午餐,交通自費)
查詢:黃小姐| [email protected] / 3954 5584

“Take a walk at night. Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears.”
– Pauline Oliveros, Sonic Meditations (1974)

Mentorship Programme reflects The Library’s devotion to promote interactive learning between artists through dialogues and artistic creation. It provides artists with opportunities to broaden and deepen their artistic practices. After participating in the Artist Workshop and the Research Trip in Manila led by artist-mentor Viv Corringham during October to December, 2016, five artist-mentees will lead “Amaz Sing Walk” – a two-part public workshop. The first part focuses on exercises adapted from Pauline Oliveros’ “Deep Listening” activities, including Full Body Listening and sonic meditation. Participants will gain a better understanding of how listening could be helpful in finding joy and building trust. In the second part of the workshop, the participants will be taken on a secret outdoor journey designed by the artists. Together they will explore the relationship between listening, environment and their own body through sounding exercises, sound walk and vocal improvisation.

If you are curious about sound, or wish to experience “Deep Listening” or enhance your sonic sensibility, apply now for an “Amaz Sing Walk” together!

由聲音圖書館策劃之「拜師學藝」旨在透過對話及創作的互動學習形式,促進藝術家之間的學習,並為藝術家提供拓闊和深化其藝術創作的機會。今屆的其中的五位藝術家學員在2016年10月至12月期間參與了由藝術家導師Viv Corringham帶領的藝術家工作坊及馬尼拉考察之旅後,將帶領《好聲行》公眾工作坊,工作坊將分為兩部份:第一部份的活動集中運用取材自Pauline Oliveros的「深度聆聽」(Deep Listening)練習,當中包括全身聆聽(Full Body Listening)及聲音冥想練習,參加者將理解聆聽何以是尋找喜悅及建立信任的重要元素。在工作坊的第二部份,參加者將經歷由藝術家設計的戶外神秘旅程,並以發聲練習、聲音漫步及以人聲即興創作等活動探索聆聽、環境與自身的聯繫。


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