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    In the years since the Civil War, Georgia’s flag has undergone several changes. Yet, it still looks very, very much like the flag of the Confederacy — on purpose. It used to contain a Confederate battle flag on its fly (the free side of the flag), a design change that was made in 1956.

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    the decision to add the battle flag came during the 1956 legislative session when state lawmakers were intent on “preserving segregation, resisting the 1954 US Supreme Court decision of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, and maintaining white supremacy in Georgia.”

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    The flag was eventually changed in 2003 after then-Gov. Sonny Perdue gave voters the choice between a drastic, deeply unpopular redesign proposed in 2001, and a new proposal closely resembling the “Stars and Bars.” Government materials confirm the connection: On the Georgia Secretary of State’s site

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    While there are ongoing conversations about culture, heritage, history and the role of Confederate monuments and flags, in the case of Georgia’s Confederate battle-inspired flag, it’s hard to push the heritage narrative when the real reason — racism — is cemented right there in the history books.

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